The Truth About KBC WhatsApp Lottery | What is the KBC WhatsApp Lottery?

The KBC lottery, or the Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery, is the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and has been around for a long time. This classic quiz show has been on air since 2000, and famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan hosted it. The program became insanely popular, and at one time, almost 100 million people had applied to be a contestant on this show. As said by the general public, is it true that KBC lotteries are a scam? What’s the truth about this WhatsApp lottery? In this article, all of your queries will be addressed.

What is the KBC WhatsApp Lottery?

KBC is one of India’s biggest lottery games and is also one of the best ones. It has been around for years, and since its inception in 2001, it has changed significantly.

The KBC format has changed multiple times over the years. It started as an annual event, but now it’s an online game show that airs on TV weekly. The show has also had several hosts over the years: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, and Karan Johar are some of the big names who have hosted this show over the years.

The first season ran from 2001 to 2010, with seven seasons airing on Sony TV. The following season ran from 2011 to 2012 on Star Plus; however, it was only one season due to poor ratings. The third season aired on Colors TV from 2016-17 and was hosted by Salman Khan.

The latest season of KBC ran from November 2018 to January 2019 and was hosted by Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor.

How To Participate In KBC Lottery?

There is a way for you to participate in the KBC lottery, even though the vast majority of participants are chosen randomly. What you must do is as follows:

You must purchase a lottery ticket to be chosen to participate in KBC. Authorized merchants around India sell these tickets. The silver panel on your ticket must be scratched off to expose your unique code.

Upon receiving your code, you must SMS it to the number on the back of your lottery ticket. KBC will contact you and ask you to participate in the screening process if your code is chosen.

So, purchase a lottery ticket and make a budget for your gains if you want a chance at the KBC crown.

To take part in the Kon Banega Crorepati Lottery, you must be 18 years old and have a valid ID.

You can participate in the lottery if you don’t currently have access to an online banking account by purchasing your tickets at any branch. You will need a smartphone or computer with an internet connection.

How To Become a KBC WhatsApp Winner?

KBC is all about answering and gaining points or money on WhatsApp.The participant is given one question with three options:

  • The participant has to answer from the four options provided
  • The participants are also given the privilege of different lifelines that would help them if they cannot answer any questions.
  • As the participants answer the questions, they win the $ 25 lakh lottery of KBC. Some tend to reach lakhs, while some lose the game at thousands.

Winning such a lottery amount is, of course, a difficult task but not impossible. All the selected members are brought to the studio, and the Fastest Finger First round is held based on which the final contestant is chosen. All the participants are presented with a question to rearrange a particular thing according to order. The person who mixes the answer quickly is selected as the contestant to play the game further and win the amount.

The KBC lottery’s sensitive information can be mismanaged. If you get an SMS informing you that you have won the lotto, navigate to the official website to confirm the details.

If you have your name and all of the lottery details, you can pick up your cash amount from the KBC online lottery department.

To prevent someone from using your lottery number to steal your KBC winning reward, keep your lottery number private as soon as you obtain confirmation of your cash prize lottery.

How to Check KBC Lottery Number?

There are various ways to check your KBC lottery number:

  1. One way is to go online and visit the official website.

Go to the KBC official lottery page.

  1. Secondly, you have to press “check numbers.” Here are several options:
  • “Check numbers now” –this option is available only for those who want to check their numbers immediately after purchase;
  • “Check unsold numbers”- this option is available for those who wish to check unsold numbers;
  • “Check all draws”-this option is available only for those who want to check all draws of the KBC lottery;
  • “View results”- this option is available only for those who wish to view the results of all draws of the KBC lottery;

To determine how many tickets were sold during each draw, go back to your account and click “view tickets.” After that, go back to “Enter ticket number,” fill in your ticket number and click on “Go.”

The result will be displayed below on the website’s homepage, and you will find a section where you can view your previous winning numbers and those that have been drawn in the past few days. You will also find a section to see how many tickets have been sold for each draw for each day of the week.

Suppose you have already won any prize by checking your lottery numbers online at least once weekly; then, there is no need for you to visit a KBC outlet or call their customer service phone numbers since they will send notifications directly to your email address after every draw results are published on their website using an automatic system.

How to Play KCB WhatsApp Lottery on the Internet

Please take the quick actions listed below to play the WhatsApp lottery online:

  1. View your lottery results online.

First, determine whether you are a lottery winner on the KBC website.

  1. Call the WhatsApp number for KBC’s headquarters.

Please notify KBC via WhatsApp if you can confirm that you won.

  1. Provide details to the WhatsApp officer.

Give a WhatsApp officer information about your lottery win and provide them any other essential details, such as your bank account.

After you abide by the rules, you will receive a payment confirmation SMS informing you that KBC has credited your account.

Is the KBC WhatsApp Lottery Genuine?

To enter this lottery, it would be helpful to have an Android phone with an active WhatsApp account and an active internet connection. You must send one message with your name and age details on the KBCs number within 24 hours.

A recent internet message claims that a lucky draw will take place and that the recipient will have the chance to win Rs 25 lakhs. It argues that KBC is in charge of the lottery draw.

Aside from that, the message claims that famous individuals like Amitabh and Mukesh Ambani also utilize the manager’s details for the KBC Lucky draw, Rana Pratap Singh. An informational WhatsApp number about how to obtain the money is included in the letter.

People’s WhatsApp numbers are receiving banner and voice messages. They have won a lucky draw, according to the KBC Lucky Draw poster. Along with Amitabh Bachchan’s portrait, it also features images of Narendra Modi, the State Bank of India, numerous mobile service providers, and a lottery number. A phone number is also listed on the poster.

The voicemail also identifies the caller, who is phoning from the Whatsapp customer care center in New Delhi, as Manager of KBC Lucky Draw Rana Pratap Singh.

According to the audio statement, the number has won around $40000. It states that the State Bank of India in Mumbai received the lottery proceeds, and the number on the banner identifies the manager. And they will provide more details. The individual also requests that you keep their phone number so you can call them at a later time using WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Message and the New Delhi Police

The New Delhi Police’s Unit for Cybercrime reports that scammers notify victims via WhatsApp, claiming that their phone numbers have won a lottery run by KBC. To handle that amount, they then ask for your phone number, those who don’t grasp what’s going on-demand refunds for lottery tickets.

Scammers will only contact victims through WhatsApp after the money has reached your account and will call you again to request additional cash. According to the Delhi police, they coerce the victim into depositing money into various bank accounts. The hoax may run for weeks or even months if they continue to collect money to fund reserves. To keep the victim intrigued, they eventually tell them that the Lottery prize money has increased.

Once the victim insists on collecting the money or refuses to pay more, they cease calling them and utilizing the WhatsApp numbers used in the scam.

Just one instance that is. If you search, you’ll find a tunnel full of people who fell for scams and lost thousands, even lakhs, of dollars—and perhaps their entire life savings—in the process.

You might know someone who falls for such tricks even if you don’t think you’re the kind to do so. Uncles and aunts who use WhatsApp to send good morning messages, as well as your parents, grandparents, and other relatives, are particularly likely to fall for this.

The fact that so many people fall for these scams despite official warnings and safety precautions is a significant problem.

The KBC WhatsApp Lottery’s Safety Guidelines

You might want to pass along the safety advice that the Delhi Police has provided to those you believe are more susceptible to falling for scams. These are a few:

  • Every message that claims you’ve won the lottery is probably a fraud.
  • When you examine the texts more attentively, you will see poor writing, grammatical errors, and other apparent indications that they are fake.
  • These scams take advantage of your desire for money. You neglect to take straightforward safeguards like consulting with family members or checking the facts using various methods since your greed has made you blind.
  • Taxes and other expenses are subtracted from the winnings in any lottery or award, and the winner is given the balance. Therefore, you should consider why you must pay these expenses before playing the lottery.
  • When the caller is adamant about maintaining confidentiality, there may be a problem.

It is suggested that many websites making such bogus claims have a backend and unethical hackers breaking into your system. Therefore, it is much more important to avoid opening specific web pages. It is strongly advised against your privacy and security to avoid clicking on these websites and spending a lot of time there because doing so may reveal your IP address and other information.

Why do KBC WhatsApp Lottery Frauds Happen?

KCB WhatsApp lottery frauds happen because of the following reasons:

  1. The victims are gullible: Most people involved in these scams fall victim due to their gullibility. They don’t think twice about their actions and follow the phone call or email instructions without questioning anything. Some victims even share their bank details with scammers, opening a window for them to steal money from their accounts.
  2. They do not know how to report cybercrime: Most people who fall victim to KCB WhatsApp lottery scams don’t know how to say such crimes and end up losing their money. Cybercrimes are becoming rampant nowadays, but not many people understand how they can be reported, especially when it comes to online frauds.
  3. In addition to this, some people make fake websites that look like the official website of KCB Bank and ask people to fill out forms so they can win money from them. This is also illegal because it involves stealing personal information from other people.


Any online transaction should be handled with caution. This will not only prevent you from falling victim to KBC WhatsApp Lottery fraud, but it will also provide you the information you need to decide wisely if someone contacts you on their behalf. Put yourself in no situation where you stand to lose money.

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