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If you are eager to know “What is KBC WhatsApp Lottery?”, here you will get all the information about it.

KBC Lottery Lucky Draw 2023 is known as Kon Banega Karodpati and it is a very popular and well known show on Indian Television. This show is basically hosted by the great and very popular TV actor Amitabh Bhachan who has made the show very notable. He has been hosting this show for more than a decade.

This entertaining show has been running for over 10 years, and it is modulated by the people all over India. Kon Banega Karodpati is the lead vocalist of Banega Karodpati the creator of an aide which has ended up being a helpful aide for various. More books are there, you can find new things and better responses.

KBC Lottery Winner 2023 WhatsApp

No:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:WhatsApp Number:Lottery Number:
1.Imran Khan DK25,00,000 INR984****4338991
2.Sajid Ali Saja25,00,000 INR890****6530150
3.Abid Ali Boom Boom25,00,000 INR888****0018383
4.Ismail Azri25,00,000 INR992****4990015
5.Nasir Guro25,00,000 INR809****11044477
6.Asghar Sabri25,00,000 INR888****30089917
7.Umar Hayat Rahi25,00,000 INR655****9110786

About KBC WhatsApp 2023

As the TV show has a lot of fame it has actually increased the number of tricksters who are trying to defame the show. Con artists are just spreading the wrong messages to the Indian residents and taking the big advantage of making them fool. The Tricksters have additionally reached members to move assets to accounts at their homes. Tricksters have tried to get in touch with the people through WhatsApp, messages, SMS and even calls. Most people believe that this is a KBC Fake WhatsApp Message. The site of KBC has made this very simple for clients to take part in the All India sim card lucky draw rivalry 2023 victor list, where the client’s chosen persons are praised.

You may be required to go through the simple fundamental way to achieve success. It is critical to charge the sim card. Members of Kon Banega Karodpati will have their versatile numbers refreshed speedily by the information supplier to mirror that they have pursued the show, which will happen on September 14. Then in a month, there is a chance to win two times the 2,000,000-dollar big stakes by participating in a lottery. We have live, complimentary client support delegates available to help you at any time with requests concerning your possibility of winning the KBC sim card fortunate lucky draw. Reach us immediately.

Check KBC WhatsApp Lottery Online 2023

KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw

You may find the rules and regulations to take participation in the KBC ALL India Sim Card Lucky Draw

This lucky draw contest is scheduled 02 times a month, which is the first and the fifteenth day of the month. This contest is allowed two times for contestants to take part. This is two times opportunity in a month, you need to ensure that your SIM is energized

You should not pick up phone calls assuming anybody can ask whether you have won the all-India sim card lucky draw sweepstakes. You need to say No. You need to confirm and get updates by calling on authorized numbers of KBC all India sim card lucky draw 2023. Here you will get the exact information about your lottery.

Check the telephone numbers twice you are using for the connection and share your genuine information whenever asked by the security framework. Taking a gander at the nation code of the number you are calling will fastly appear whether it is in your country as of now found, making it straightforward to make a decision.

KBC Head Office Contact Detail

No:KBC Head Office:WhatsApp Number:
1.KBC Head Office Number Mumbai+19188444454
2.KBC WhatsApp Number Mumbai+19188444474
3KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number+19188444459
4.KBC Head Office Number Kolkata+19188444479
5.KBC WhatsApp Number Kolkata+19188444170

Awareness of the Important Information for New KBC Winners

There is a feasibility of an online check of your lottery numbers on the authority site of the KBC lucky draw. There is no age bar to take this advantage. Here is the involvement of all clients of KBC all India sim card fortunate draw and winner of lottery for the year 2023. This is the best part of an online check of results for this lottery as there will not be any chance to get deceived by the fake calls. If you do not have the idea to check for the KBC logo game number on the web, you can find help from the lotto information center for the same. This will help you with any other query in this regard also.

It is assumed that everyone is eager to meet the superhero Amitabh by winning the WhatsApp 2023 lottery system. You are required to dial all the available numbers to get the opportunity. There is a chance to get cash from Jio sweepstakes by these help numbers. Take the advantages just by entering your winner’s cell no. through our online check of KBC lottery number 2023. There is a chance that you are not getting your name and contact details through an online check. To enroll this by dialing the KBC helpline numbers. Also, you can check the 25 lakh lottery 2023 on this official website.

You can see the KBC lottery number check 2023 contest during the live show of Kon Banega Karodpati. KBC lottery system was sent off in presence of the KBC manager, Rana Pratap Singh is the current KBC manager name. This happens after the progress of the KBC Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Contest.

WhatsApp Winner 2023

  • Mr. Sarwar Bacha Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner WhatsApp No 928****736 Lottery Number 8991.
  • Mr. Faisal Big Show Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner WhatsApp No 900****633 Lottery Number 7282.
  • Ms. Neha Sharma Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner WhatsApp No 883****322 Lottery Number 2001.
  • Mr. Iqbal Qamro Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner WhatsApp No 999****633 Lottery Number 0150.
  • Mr. Mansha Jani Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner WhatsApp No 766****200 Lottery Number 89917.
  • Ms. Laxmi Jaiswal Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner WhatsApp No 788****900 Lottery Number 44477.
  • Mr. Irfan Khan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner WhatsApp No 677****333 Lottery Number 93983.

Whether the System has the best platform to keep an eye on the latest winnings

To get the status of your lottery, you need to contact the corporate central command center. To have the chance to score the KBC sweepstakes, which is giving you a chance to win and is held two times a month. Everybody can access here who wants to take part. You will get a message from the center if you are a winner of this lottery system and you need to contact the KBC camp to get the award, you may contact at 0019188444474. Here you will get advised by the team on the amount you won and how to get this.

A person who has many cell numbers has a major chance of winning the KBC fortunate draw by participating in the contest regularly. There is a chance to reveal the winner of the contest every month. You need not surrender the contest anyhow. Keep an eye on the landing page for the upcoming updates and contests that are planned.

You will get the support boss in your classification. So, for any query and KBC company Lottery number check, about the lottery system and its rules and regulation, keep an eye on online checks consistently.

How will be a Lottery Winner in KBC Lucky Draw 2023?

It is a very simple way to get your KBC lottery number through our official KBC website or by phone call. By having this lottery number you have a chance to become a victor of the next KBC lucky draw contest- 2023. So be a participant in the KBC lucky draw contest, pick your cell and dial the official contact number of KBC head office. Here you will get the lottery number instantly. Now you need to check your lottery in the KBC lottery database to see whether it is on the winning list or not. The KBC team is updating the winner list every day. So do not worry if your lottery number is not on the list, just check the next day.

You may find the rumors regarding the KBC lucky draw lottery issue. Customers are making complaints about fake receiving calls and WhatsApp calls even from the official KBC lucky draw personals. But these calls are fake only. You need to remember that KBC personnel will never call you on your phone. They only give you information about your lottery whenever you call or approach through the website. KBC lucky draw lottery 2023 personals are not accountable for any wrongdoings.

We are always available on official numbers. So, you may contact us for any fake call received regarding the KBC lucky draw. You may confirm and get the actual information from our help team. Our KBC WhatsApp number will give a faster response, so avail this opportunity at any time. No need to pay imitators. You just need to simply go through the website of the KBC lottery lucky draw and check for any new updates or updates for your lottery. If you still have any queries, call us on the helpline number.

KBC Lucky Draw 2023 connectivity

Our contact number whether by phone call or by WhatsApp is a single point of solution for any query. You are there to participate in the contest, you need to get the lottery number, want an update on your lottery status whether it is on the winning list or not and for any new information about the KBC lottery lucky draw 2023, just dial our official WhatsApp number. This number gives you the winner details you want to know. The prize details on your lottery and how to get the prize, you have to go through our shared official number only.

Our best part is we are available 24×7 to resolve the customers’ queries and give them satisfaction. If the customer is having low balance in mobile they simply connect through the Wi-Fi and then call or message to connect with us. We will be connected and be there for their help and resolve all the doubts regarding the KBC lucky draw contest.

Know the eligibility for being a participant

  • You should be an Indian
  • The age bar for this contest is 18+
  • You need to live in India
  • There will any mental disability for being the participant